30 August 2011

More than just a phone advert

Sometimes advertising is the sort of thing that doesn't really sell anything. It just does something very cool and surprises you with the product at the end. This is that type of Advert. Amazing all the same

8 August 2011

5 June 2010

Long time no blog...

I haven't written anything here in a while....

... But there's good reason, I'm writing a book. It's called 'My Thesis' and will eventually be read by a handful of people and then retired to the dark bowels of a library never to be seen again.

Until it's finished (Septemberish) I will be in relative hermit mode.

Until then. Rob

17 February 2010

Spaced Flashmob

Like spaced? Like random acts? Then I think you need to get yourself down to London in march some time. What I'm talking about is a spaced gunfight flashmob. Theres a facebook page for it and everything. It must be official.

You know the episode I'm talking about, the one with the reference to kiora in the gents and that lovely stew at the end and the two fake gunfights? Well, now we're on the same page, how do you fancy doing that with a load of people in March? I should be going and I hope it will be a bit like this video of a banned xbox live commercial. Why was it banned?